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Practical pistol shooting is a sport which challenges an individual's ability to shoot rapidly and accurately with a handgun. To do this, shooters take on obstacle-laden shooting courses called stages, some requiring many shots to complete, and others just a few. A scoring system is used that rewards a balance of accuracy with speed.


Each match will consist of a variety of scenario and standards-based stages designed to put a wide range of shooting skills to the test.  These skills include: speed, accuracy, reloading, movement, the use of cover, and more.  Scoring, procedures, and rules will be based on the 2013 revision of the IDPA rulebook.  Although scoring is voluntary, it will provide shooters with the means to gauge their own progress or how they perform against others at a given match.  


Shooters of all skill levels and ages are encouraged to join. All we ask is that you fulfill the requirements below.  If you are unable or uncomfortable fulfilling any of these guidelines, please inquire about training and/or equipment rental opportunities available through Family Shooting Academy (920) 393-4006.



Equipment requirements:

-Eye Protection

-Ear Protection

-Baseball style hat is recommended

-Pistol or Revolver in safe operating condition

-Strong-side hip holster which covers the trigger completely


-Magazines or speed loaders/moon clips (3 are recommended)

-Magazine pouches or speed loader/moon clip holders, or pockets capable of holding these items

-Sturdy belt to properly hold holsters and magazines


-Case/bag to transfer gun to and from the Safe Table separate from ammunition



Shooter requirements:

-Good attitude

-Working knowledge of how to safely operate firearm (shoot, reload and general handling)

-Attend the pre-match safety briefing prior to each match and sign waiver form(s)

-Follow all rules and procedures as described in the safety briefing

-If under the age of 18, you must be accompanied by a legal guardian for the duration of the match

-Match fee ($15 for members and $20 for non-members)



There will be an opportunity to clear any loaded carry firearms prior to the match. During the match, the range will be operated as a "Cold Range". The only time a firearm should be un-holstered with ammunition in the close vicinity should be under the command of a Range Officer while preparing to shoot a stage. Along with furthering our shooting abilities and hopefully making a few new friends, we will strive to make these events enjoyable and most importantly safe!


Matches will be held every other week, beginning February 16th.  Pre-registration will be handled online through the link at the top of this page.  Space will be limited due to time constraints and handled on a first-come/first-serve basis.  If space runs out, a waiting list will be kept in the case of any cancellations.  Sign-in will begin the night of the match at 5pm, with a safety briefing and walk-through at 5:45, then shooting to follow.  We will generally try to wrap up by 10pm, but this will depend on the number of shooters and course length of any given night.  Spectators are welcome, but must wear eye and ear protection at all times while on the firing range.