Sight-In Services

sight in services

Need help sighting in your gun before the season starts? Waited til the last minute and now all the outdoor ranges are closed?

Family Shooting Academy will sight in your firearm for you. Bring us your weapon, at least 20rds of ammo, let us know what distance you want it zeroed at, and we'll take care of the rest. Don't have enough ammo, we got you covered. We carry an assortment of popular hunting calibers.

Using measurements taken from your rifle and preferred ammo, we input the data into advanced ballistics software, and come up with a solution to zero your rifle at any distance based on bullet impact at 25 yards.

Although Family Shooting Academy has caliber restrictions for guests, we can sight-in any caliber firearm you bring us.

We want to make sure you are prepared when that 8 point buck crosses in front of your stand. With that in mind, we will not sight-in firearms with broken scope mounts or optics. This includes missing screws.

The cost for the sight-in service is $20 per gun, not including ammo. Typical turn around is 48 hours. If you need it done sooner, we offer an expedited sight-in service, that is done while you wait. Cost for the expedited service is $30, not including ammo. (Expedited sight-in not available on Saturday & Sunday)